Welcome to the digital showroom of cadraktiv, the Swiss company with 20 years of experience with AutoCAD and AutoCAD related issues. Find out more about our services, our products and our team (my services, my products, myself)

We offer and deliver:

  • AutoCAD-adaptions
  • Optimizations
  • Additional programming
  • Data Conversion
  • trainings
  • data management
  • print and plot solutions
  • font customizations
  • scan support
  • personalized project counselling
  • and also additional remarks which you will not find in any available marketing manual...

We address:

  • anyone who wants to optimize his existing system and use it more effectively
  • anyone who has pending issues but who does not have the time to finalize them
  • companies in need of support concerning system administration
  • specialists who´d prefer to concentrate on their core competencies instead of investing time into AutoCAD details
  • users who would like to work more effectively
  • process managers who like to establish a clear policy
  • anyone interested in learning more about this software

If you need any support with AutoCad or AutoCAD related issues, please contact us here: Contact